Science is all around us.

Janet and Jim are two curious kids. As they do their normal, typical, everyday activities they discover that science can be found in some amazing places.

Join them as they go on everyday adventures and discover how much fun science is!

Ocean and sand


Each story will include a list of materials to gather from mostly household items. As you read the stories, use the items and do the activities alongside Janet and Jim.

Sand and ocean


Once you have finished the activity, then take it a bit further. What would you do differently? Did you learn anything? Can you share it with a friend? Explore all the possibilities science has to offer.

Clear water at the beach


Meg Cordes-Doppee has years of experience designing fun science activities for her kids, who are now in college. Those lessons and adventures are now repeated through Janet and Jim. Two fictional characters. Their namesakes are Meg’s mom Janet who was a science teacher and would take her kids, and half the neighborhood on adventures. Jim’s namesake is Meg’s father in law who passed away before her kids got to meet him. HE was a bit mischievous as a kid and had many of his own adventures. They live on through the stories here.

Not all those who wander are lost.


About Us

Meg’s business was Discover and Explore. It was a simple model of hands on science fun that we brought to schools and homes. You can find out more science stuff on Discover and Explores Facebook page.

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